End the Nakba

An Open Letter from U.S. and Canadian Christians

artwork is "Where is God in war?" by Ramone Romero; used with permission

“We are broken. The people of Gaza are suffering. . . . Now, again in our history, they find themselves facing the same choice: death or displacement. Our Nakba continues!”

Rev. Dr. Munther Isaac

We urgently call for Israel’s invasion, siege, and occupation of Gaza to stop. The borders must be opened; a dramatic increase of supplies must flow; journalists must be let in; the detained must be set free; and life-saving critical responses of water, food, search-and-rescue teams, and medical treatment must be delivered—not under constant threat of snipers and drones but safely and under Palestinian leadership.

We are Christians living on Turtle Island in the United States and Canada. We are citizens of nations funding the Nakba. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have killed at least 22,000 Palestinians [updated 1/3]. We hear the call of Palestinians who have lost newborns, children, friends, entire families, homes, mosques, churches—everything—to Israeli airstrikes in Gaza over the last forty days. Muslims, the vast majority of Gazans, have suffered beyond comprehension, and the Lutheran Palestinian pastor and scholar Mitri Raheb says Gaza’s small population of Christians faces extinction. The Israeli government and its military have made Gaza hell on earth before our eyes, and our governments have continued to pledge their unlimited support.

Palestinian Christians are horrified by western Christian silence towards Israel’s occupation. They call us to see the events of the past month in a longer history of ethnic cleansing in Palestine, Oceania, Turtle Island, and other occupied lands. The current massacre is not an isolated incident but the latest episode in a saga of displacement and containment of Palestinians of all faiths by the state of Israel. We repent of our complicity and our silence. We are grieved beyond words by the suffering inflicted on Palestinians: we offer our heartfelt prayers, words, and actions for the thousands of babies, children, elders, and all who have been killed, who are buried under buildings, who are disabled or injured, who are caring for others, who are displaced or imprisoned.

God “raises the poor from the dust / and lifts the needy from the ash heap / to make them sit with princes” (Psalm 113:7–8). We follow Jesus, a Palestinian Jew tortured and killed in Roman-occupied Palestine. We recognize the sacredness of all people and mourn all who have been killed in recent war crimes—Muslims and Jews and Christians—including Israelis killed by Hamas on October 7, while unflinchingly naming the ongoing slaughter, maiming, starvation, and forced displacement of Palestinians in Gaza at the hands of the Israeli state, Benjamin Netanyahu, the IDF, and their western backers. God is indeed “under the rubble in Gaza”—the rubble of schools, hospitals, mosques, churches, and homes flattened by American missiles launched by the IDF. Despite every effort of annihilation, the world is stunned by the resilience of Palestinians: Gaza will rise from the ash heap.

As Christians, we demand a ceasefire now. Palestinian Christians and a UN expert have called Israel’s actions ethnic cleansing. The churches in Jerusalem have denounced the destruction of hospitals as an “egregious crime.” Pope Francis has said, “This is not war. This is terrorism.” As early as October 15, colleagues in international law, conflict studies, and genocide studies warned that the situation could broach genocide, a warning affirmed by UN experts and the National Indigenous Council and General Council Executive of the United Church of Canada. Since then, horrific assaults on hospitals and schools in Gaza have only increased, and Palestinians in the West Bank have continued to face attack, murder, incarceration, and displacement. The Nakba must end now and permanently.

We call on our governments to stop sending money and weapons to Israel, and we call for deescalation in the region. We call upon institutions, states, and individuals to boycott, divest, and sanction the state of Israel. We call upon Christians to resist and impede the manufacturing, funding, and shipment of weapons to Israel. We applaud those blocking and delaying shipments of weapons to Israel. We applaud those taking to the streets and to their phones to hold their governments accountable.

We demand that the millions of displaced Palestinians retain the right to return to their homes. We call for the Palestinian rebuilding of Gaza, an end to the containment of Gaza, reparations, and the right of Palestinians to live and move freely in their land to be honored.

We demand an end to Israeli settler confiscation of Palestinian land—a call consistent with policies and resolutions already adopted in recent decades by the Episcopal Church in the United States, the United Methodist Church, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, the United Church of Christ, and others. 

We denounce industries and theologies engaged in the production of lies. We denounce the ways our media and pulpits have participated in the dehumanization of Palestinians, through their punitive silencing of Palestinians and euphemistic denial of crimes against humanity. We demand that journalists and members of the media be allowed entry into Gaza. We denounce the IDF’s targeting of journalists in Lebanon and Gaza. We denounce the systemic censoring and intimidation of Palestinians and their allies at all levels of our ecclesiastical and secular institutions. 

We denounce Islamophobia, antisemitism, and racism wherever they are found, especially in Christian churches, in the form of supersessionism and Zionism. We denounce violence and hate crimes against Palestinians, Muslims, Arabs, and Jews in our communities and offer our condolences and prayers to all who are grieving. We call on churches to address the increase of hate crimes and provide educational resources on Islamophobia and antisemitism. We denounce the Christian Zionisms used to buttress the state of Israel as an antisemitic instrumentalization of our Jewish siblings for western colonial greed and Christian endtime fantasies.

We insist that there can be no just future on the land called Palestine and Israel without Palestinians—alive, healthy, free, and self-determining. Not walled in like prisoners. Not huddled in hospitals. Not starving. Not in perpetual fear. Not waiting for aid from nations who are killing them. But living in freedom. Apartheid is not the future. Palestinian little ones must sleep without the threat of bombs. Palestinian lives must be respected as sacred. Palestinians must be empowered to choose their own future—be it one state or two. Palestinian leadership and sovereignty must be honored.

Following the churches of Jerusalem, we commit to mourn with Palestine this Advent and Christmas season.

As Christians, we call for a free Palestine and free Palestinians. We believe this is the only path toward true freedom and safety for Palestinians and Israelis alike. We appeal to our fellow Christians to join us.

The First Sunday of Advent 2023

In issuing this open letter, we join with other Christians calling for an immediate ceasefire. In addition to the groups already named above, these include 900 Black Christian leaders, Churches for Middle East Peace (CMEP), a group of denominational leaders in the United States organized by CMEP, and a group of 68 bishops and executive leaders from churches and denominations around the world organized by CMEP.

This letter's initial signers are 148 Christian clergy, theologians, and faith leaders. Its drafters are doctoral students and clergy, whose names are interspersed below amongst the other signers. We invite all Christians in the United States and Canada to add their names by filling out the form below.

Signing is one act of solidarity. Let it be one of many. For resources on Palestine and Israel, including theological resources, see here.

On Instagram, we are @endthenakba.

The letter has been endorsed by Palestinian Christian theologians:
Yousef AlKhouri

Bethlehem Bible College

Anton Deik

Bethlehem Bible College

End the Nakba: Add Your Name (Responses)

Samuel Ernest

Yale University

The Reverend Leigh Kern

The Anglican Diocese of Toronto

Amanda Griffin

Yale University

Hillary Bylund

Fordham University 

Brittany V. Hudson

Rev. Jean-Pierre Seguin

The Episcopal Church of Grace and Resurrection, East Elmhurst, New York

Rev. Sheila Cook

Vancouver School of Theology

Rev. Sarah Robinson 

Audubon Park Church Orlando, FL 

Dr. Chloë Starr

Yale University

Michael Yorke

Yale University

Rev. Beth Ernest

The Evangelical Covenant Church 

Pastor Natalie Benson

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

Rev. Dr. Janet Bregar

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

Barnabas Lin

Fuller Theological Seminary, Bethel Community Presbyterian Church

Pearl Vercruysse

Union Theological Seminary

Rev. Kelsey Creech

Virginia Beach Christian Church

Erina Kim-Eubanks

E. David de Leon

Fordham University

Steven Rizzo

Harvard University

Rev. Dr. Drew G. I. Hart

Messiah University 

Pastor Nate Lee

Yale Divinity School

Dean Dettloff

Joshua Rumbaoa Garcia

The Graduate Theological Union

Moriah Reichert

Indiana University

Wendy Mallette

Stephen W. Angell

Earlham School of Religion

Dirk von der Horst

Mount St. Mary's University, Los Angeles

Yeon Joo Roh

Doug Johnson Hatlem

Rev. Stephen Kern

The Anglican Church of Canada 

The Rev. Gerlyn Henry

The Anglican Church of Canada

Dr. Kathleen Holscher

University of New Mexico

Edward Ablang

Jane Nichols

Yale University

Rev. Rachel Field 

St. Mary's Episcopal Church, Northfield VT 

Benjamin Van Dyne

Fordham University 

Rev. Kacei Conyers

Joey Aszterbaum

The Episcopal Church of the United States of America

Dr. A. James Gallyer

Michael Agapos

Keegan Dahl

Christopher King

The Episcopal Church

Rev. Daniel Romero 

Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Minneapolis, MN

Rev. Chaplain Aaron McGinnis 

Cynthia Strong

Dr. Jean-François Roussel

Université de Montréal

Sabrina Di Matteo

doctoral student, Université Laval, Québec 

Elsa Kunz

Jessica Bullock

Miss Rain Taylor

Taylor University

Rev. Dr. Antonio J. Aja

Presbyterian Church (USA)

Rev. W. Mark Koenig

Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

Pastor Sharon Janot

Rev. Cleante Apollon 

Covenant Baptist United Church of Christ 

Larissa Nez

St. Augustine Catholic Church, UC Berkeley

Dr. Jason Steidl Jack 


Champion Center

Debra McLaren

Mayflower UCC

Flora x. Tang

University of Notre Dame

Devon Yamane

Rev. Alma Faith Crawford 

United Church of Christ 

Rev. Dr. Wylie V. Hughes

Presbyterian Church (USA)

Patrick Sanders

Catholic Church, Archdiocese of Detroit 

Brian Hehn

The Hymn Society in the United States and Canada 

Rev. Dr. Rachel Kessler

Episcopal Church, Diocese of Ohio 

Rev. Dr. Kristina Lizardy-Hajbi

The Rev. Breonna E. T. Roberts

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

Dr. Harry Gunkel

Episcopal Peace Fellowship Palestine Israel Network

Rev. Dwain Lee

Presbyterian Church (USA)

Rev. Dawn Skerritt 

United Methodist Church

Jim Riddel, RN, MS, CPNP

Loyola University Chicago

Perdian Tumanan

Villanova University

Laura Land

Rev. Krista Paradiso 

Kerrick Fanning

Rev. Bruce H. Handy

United Methodist Church 

Brady Hornstra

Pastor Emily Carle

John Elwood, M.A. Theology

Union Theological Seminary 

Rev. Sara Pugh Montgomery

May Kamalick

Episcopal Church

Rev. Justin Howard

Rev. Kimberly Belken

Mt. Olivet Lutheran 

Rev. Clare Twomey

City of York Human Relations Commission 

The Rev. Elizabeth G. Maxwell 

Church of the Ascension, NYC

Rev. Efraín Zavala

The United Methodist Church

The Rev. Julie Hoplamazian

Haley Sommerfeld

Rev. Dorothy Pearman, Esq., Hon. Ret.


Jessica Radicic

Claremont School of Theology

Dr. Peter R. Gathje

Rev. Katey Hage

Quest Church 

Johanna Swanson

Rev. Teri Nilson Baird 

Christian Church, Disciples of Christ 

Rev. Jennifer Herrmann

ELCA pastor

Rev. Valerie Carlson

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

Richard W. Morrison

Editorial Director, Fordham University Press

Christine Fox

Community of Faith Christian Church

The Rev'd Robyn King

Anglican Church of Canada

Rev. Dr. Hyung Jin Kim Sun 

Rev. Tom O’Brien

United Church of Christ


Unitarian Universalist Minister

Rev. Michael Hotz

Rev. Ben A. David Hensley, OSL

United Methodist Church

Rev. Shaye Champ-Correll 

Christian Church Disciples of Christ 

Rev. Eric Thomas M. Randolph 

Rev. Tommy Sheppard 

Matthew Hotz

Jonathan Stegall

Rev. Micah Bucey

Judson Memorial Church 

Rev. Jonathan Freeman

Rev. Joanna Miller

Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada 

The Rev. Stephanie London 

Anglican Diocese of Edmonton 

Darryl Roste


John Kneiling 

St. Michaels Episcopal, New York

Rev. Kara Wagner Sherer

St. John's Episcopal Church, Chicago 

The Rev. Justin Cheng

The Anglican Church of Canada

Rev. Caryne A. Eskridge

Rev. Dr.

Rev. Susan J. Butler

Episcopal Church, Retired Priest

Rev. Dr. Cheryl A. Lindsay 

Pastor Daryl H. Denelle

Yale Divinity School, Andover Newton Seminary 

Jordan Haynie Ware

Ashlee Campbell

Wellspring Worship Centre, Toronto

stephen simon

Ryana Holt

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Minneapolis 

Allegra Lovejoy

All Saints’ Church

Rev. Eliza Tweedy 

First Church Congregational, UCC

Patrick Hayes

Yale University

Emily McLeod

Pasadena Mennonite Church

Anna Perkins, MDiv/MSW, LCSW

Germantown Mennonite Church

Rev. Dr. Duane Anders 

Cathedral of the Rockies, BFUMC 

The Rev. Deacon Lee Ragsdale

The Episcopal Church 

Daniela Amestegui


United Women in Faith

Rev. Dana Neuhauser

New City Church UMC

Lisa Burnham

Immanuel Anglican, Chicago

Rev. Denise Griebler

United Church of Christ

Rev. Dr. Beth A. Johnson

Rev. Natalie Shiras

Diamond Bar United Church of Christ

Stanley E. Moore

United Methodist

Rev. Dr. Charles Rassieur

Pastor Donna Burkland

Safe Harbor OC Church

Amy Ruth

Adria Isbell

Robert Argue 

Stevensville United Methodist Church

Rebecca Hovde


Gordon Schneider

Lay member, United Church of Christ

Allison Murray

Suyeon Kang

Peder Wiegner

Germantown Mennonite Church

The Reverend Jennifer Latham

Holy Nativity Episcopal Church and School

David Melby-Gibbons

Moravian Church Northern Province 

Jo Franklin

ELCA Lutheran

Lisa and Tim Hansen


Sarah Murley-Hauser 

Keren Kandel 

Center for Justice and Peacebuilding - Eastern Mennonite University 

Amanda Budke

Santiago Gea

Esther-Ruth Teel

Grace Park

Living Hope Fellowship

The Rev. C. Brent Hoy-Bianchi 

Hannah Webster-Brown

Rev. Anjie Peek Woodworth 

Neighborhood Church

Frances DeArmond 

Episcopal Church of America 

Rev. Dr. Brian A. Tillman

United Methodist Church

Rev. Angie Wuysang 

PhD Student, Indonesian Consortium for Religious Studies 

Rev. Mary Ann Pickard

United Methodist Church

Scott Wilcox

Rev. Inger Hanson


Julie Zdenek 

Katherine Overton


Mount Olive Lutheran Church

Shonda Tilitzky

Anglican Church of Canada

Rev. Rebecca Craver

Moravian Church in America

Julie Mihevc

Anam Cara Ministries

Rev. Dr. Grace Ji-Sun Kim

Earlham School of Religion

Christina Ferraro


Amber Bruce

William Oxford

The Episcopal Church 

Joanne E Roy

C.E. Aaron

Antavius Franklin

Bo Fauth

Christ Church Cambridge, EPF/PIN, FOSNA 

Tressa Nolan

Benjamin Kunzo Crook

Em Grace

Emmanuel Baptist Fellowship SC

Katie Tobik

Pamela Thomson

Church of the Redeemer, Anglican, Toronto

Murray MacAdam

Mennonite Brethren

Reverend Debbie Blane

Seattle Presbytery PC(USA).

Rev. Elizabeth Green

Anglican Church of the Epiphany Sudbury Ontario Canada

Rev. Liz Green

Anglican Diocese of Algoma 

Brian McDonough 

Concordia University, Theological Studies

Diane Hahn

Dr. Frank C. Baldwin

Church of the Epiphany, Episcopal, Trumansburg NY

Gabriel Choo

Jocelyn Langholz

United Presbyterian Congregational Church

Ms. Tania Natale


Rachel Casel

John Deacon

All Saints Community Church

Ashley Nelson

Michelle Takemoto

United Methodist


Ms. NevaDeonne Brady-Morgan

Mace Mikaele

Pavithra Jaisankar

Rachel Pellett 

Sugarbush Christian Church 

Pastor Bobby Harrison

The Church We Hope For

Cori McLean

Karen Tamminga-Paton

Artist, Alberta, Canada

Rev. Alison V. Philip

United Methodist Church

The Rev. Wilfredo Benitez

Faith Tang 

Karima Cassidy

Jessica Erb

Tristan Erb


Lake Stein

Fordham University 

Daniel Bannoura

University of Notre Dame

Rev. Dr. Mary Fulkerson

Duke Divinity School

Ed Watson

Yale University

Derek Wu

Rev. Dr. Miguel A. De La Torre

Iliff School of Theology

Christine Chang

Yale University

Matthew Vega

University of Chicago

The Rev. Cody Maynus

Minister Conor Foley

First Presbyterian Church of Brooklyn

The Rev. Deacon Larisa Yeranig Shaterian

The Episcopal Diocese of California 

The Rev. Lauren Grubaugh Thomas

Elis Lui

Yale Divinity School

Maxine King

Marisa Hulstine

Rev. Michael Streib 

United Church of Christ

Rev. Tyler Heston

Christ Church NYC

Molly Crawford

Fordham University 

The Rev. Dr. April Stace

The General Theological Seminary

Catherine L Rice 

Union Theological Seminary 

Molli Mitchell 

Rev. Emilie Casey

Emory University

The Rev. Leyla King

The Episcopal Church

Min. Michael Libunao-Macalintal

Yale University, Fordham University

Rev. Laura Martin 

Rock Spring United Church of Christ 

Rev. Megan Castellan

Rev. Jamie Michaels

First and Summerfield United Methodist Church, New Haven, CT

Rev. Judy B. Peterson

Rev. Dr. Andrew E. Larsen

Peace Catalyst Internation & The Evangelical Covenant Church

Rev. Amy Yoder McGloughlin

Frazer Mennonite Church

Rev. Ian Wrisley

Gunnison Congregational Church

Rev. William Tanner

First Church of Christ, UCC, Middletown

Michael Kim-Eubanks

Bethel Community Presbyterian Church

Rev. Dr. Kathryn Nystrand Dwyer

Rock Spring Congregational UCC

The Rev. Jeff Nowers

Co-coordinator of Interfaith Ministry, Anglican Diocese of Toronto

Rev. Dr. Tina Pippin

Thomas J. MacMaster

Jennifer Duskey

Ambler Mennonite Church

The Rev. E. Clifford Cutler 

EPF Palestine Israel Network 

Rev. Edwin Chinery

Church of the Ascension, Manhattan

Michele Kennedy

Grace Cathedral

Rev. Pat. Dolin

United Church of Christ

Alex Powers

Rev. Sarah Rentzel Jones

Samuel Baudinette

PhD Candidate, University of Chicago Divinity School

Bethany Ball

Christian Reformed Church

Suzanne Estele-Holmer

Yale University

Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Rios

The Passion Center & Passion2Plant Network

Rev. Dr. Juan A. Carmona 

Rev. Darryl Commings 

Rev. Dr. David L. Barnhart, Jr.

Saint Junia United Methodist Church 

Rev. Eliana Maxim

Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

Avery DeMarco 

University of Aberdeen

Rev. Dr. Angela D. Sims

Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School 

The Rev. Charlene Hinckley 

United Church of Christ Fremont 

Rev. Dr. Derek Penwell

Douglas’s Blvd Christian Church and University of Louisville 

Jasper Hoogendam 

Christian Reformed Church 

Nathan Andrews

The Rev. Joanna Hollis

Richard Pryor

Princeton Theological Seminary

Matthew Stafford 

University Presbyterian Church-San Antonio, Texas

Rev. Anna Strickland

Rev. Debi VanDenBoom

Margarete Thomsen


InterReligious Task Force on Central America 

The Rev. Elise Ashley Hanley

St. Ann & the Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, Brooklyn, NY

Rev. Robin Razzino

Alexandria, VA

Rev. Carla Blakley

Lutheran Church ELCIC

Avery Podolinski

The Episcopal Church

Elliott May

Naiomi Gonzalez 

Carla Fuller

Johannes Chan

Student Christian Movement of Canada

The Rev'd Grace Pritchard Burson 

Anglican Diocese of Montreal 

Rev. Katya Ouchakof

United Church of Christ

Richard Healy

The Rev. Mary Foulke

St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, Harlem

Rev. Dr. Rebecca Voelkel

Rev. Dr. Lydia Munoz

National Plan for Hispanic/Latino Ministry of the United Methodist Church

Rev. Mandy North

Church of the Brethren

Mike Dion

Dr. Christopher J. Duncanson-Hales 

Systematic and Historical Theology, Saint Paul University 2011

Pastor Matt Miller

Marah Sarji

Princeton Theological Seminary 

Anne Stribling

Rachel Hale

Beth Van Sickle 

Rev. Dr. Brett Mitchel

Rev. Gerald Neufeld


Rev. Betsy Perkins

Memorial Baptist Church, Fond du Lac, WI

Rev. Matthew Kirk Johnson 

Universal Life Church, Universal Gnostic Church,

Rev. Dr. Jill L. Sanders

First Congregational UCC

Andrea Humphries

Jonathan Cobb 

St. Ignatius Catholic Church 

Dr. Leslie Miner

Rev. Dr. Martha Blacklock

Rev. Dr. David R. Jennys

United Church of Christ

Melissa Berkey-Gerard

Germantown Mennonite Church

Rev. Leigh Curl-Dove

Seattle First Baptist Church

Rev. Gwen McAllister

Anglican Church of Canada

The Rev. Nicole Janelle, MPH

Anglican Church of Canada/Episcopal Church USA

Rev. Kimberlee W. Vasko

St. John’s UCC -Lyons

The Rev. Dr. Teresa Danieley

The Episcopal Church

Rev. Pam Strobel

Episcopal Diocese of New York 

Shanna Miller 

Janie Furlow 

Rev. Wanda Walter

Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada

Rev. Megan Stowe

United Methodist Church

Matt Anticoli

Our Lady Help of Christians Church

Rev. Sandie Richards

United Methodist Clergy

Rev. Gayle Tucker

United Church of Christ

Carolyn Mackie

Toronto School of Theology

Byron Linsey 

Rev. Amy Courts Koopman

Gethsemane Lutheran Church

Rev. Janice Sevre-Duszynska 

Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests

Rev. Jennifer Butner

Sean Padilla

Happy Nomad Booking

rev. cheryl I green

AME Church

Rev. Patrick Burke 

The Episcopal Church of Saints Andrew and Matthew

Kelly Waterman

Larry Litman


Rev. Hank Faorman

St. John United Church of Christ-Freeport, IL

The Rev. Matthew Wright

St. Gregory’s Episcopal Church, Woodstock, NY

Isabel Draper

Vanderbilt Divinity School

Rev. Elsie Hainz McGrath

Roman Catholic Womanpriest (RCWP)

Rev. Erin Martin

Fremont United Methodist Church

Dr. Shehla Baig

Rev. Lisa Jean Hoefner

United Methodist Church

Rev. Dr. Michael Diaz

Cathedral of Hope UCC

The Rev. Ginny Wilder

Mr. Robert E. Smith

Rev. Jennifer O’Malley

Roman Catholic Women Priests

Rev. Sara Wiegner

Retired, American Baptist Churches

Pastor Kathy Redig

All Are One Catholic Curch

Sara Penning 

Rev. Irene Senn 

Roman Catholic Womenpriests 

Mary Getchell

United Methodist Church

Rev. Dr. Jean Marchant

The Spirit of Life: A Catholic Community of Justice & Joy

Bishop Nancy Meyer, RCWP

Roman Catholic Women Priests

Reverend Mark Koyama

United Church of Jaffrey


Lauren Mendez

Messiah Lutheran Church

Haretha A.W. Yousuf

Rev. Nina Bartelt Lanctot


Nadia VanderKuip

Nancy J Myers

Kern Road Mennonite Church 

Wiggy Wiggans

Erin Hancock

World Student Christian Federation - US

Lanadee Lampman

Shelley Cataldo

Chaplain Katie Mayo Smith

Religious Society of Friends

Elizabeth Cameron 

Ashley Steinke

Hilary Clark

Heidi McElrath

Jolonnie Reed

The Rev. Allen M. Junek

The Episcopal Church

Seamus Herrima

Victor Griffith

Rev. Carolina Glauster

ELCIC (pastor), Drew University (Theology PhD student)

Emily Ann Garcia

Caitlin Reilley Beck

Open Way Community Church

Rev. Kristina Walker

United Methodist Church of Lamar

The Rev. Heidi Brear

Rev. Gray Fitzgerald

United Church of Christ

Liz Shopes

Rev. Dr. Courtney Stange-Tregear

United Church of Christ 

Anne Layacan

Christ Almighty Baptist Church 

Rev. Hannah Johnston

Anglican Church of Canada

Jan Nelson 

United Methodist 

Bunny Wilder

Juan Bernal

Sarah Reeves

Grace Episcopal Church, Lopez Island 

Linda Scherzinger

St Andrew's United Church of Canada

Anca Wilkening 

Harvard University 

Dr. James Howard Hill, Jr.

A.W. Strouse, Ph.D.

Samara Sorce

Yale Divinity School

Rev. Audrey Lounder

United Church of Canada

Blythe C. Baldwin

Church of the Epiphany Trumansburg NY

Byron Rempel-Burkholder

Chair, Mennonite Church Canada Palestine-Israel Network

Rosemary MacAdam

Anglican Church 

Dr. Sara A. Misgen

Leonard Van Harten

Dorchester United Church

Grace Van Harten

Dorchester United Church

Reverend Debbie Blane

Presbyterian Church (USA)

Jonah Van Harten

Patricia Hynek

United Church, Canada

Rachel Van Harten

Andi W.

Sarah Groot 

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship 

David Lewis 

Sam Stella

Columbia University

Daniel Groot

Fountain of Life Covenant Church

Ryan Remington

Carmel United Methodist Church; Christian Theological Seminary

Pastor Suzanne Gross

Bridge Building, Mennonite Church Alberta

Manal Malki

Jessica Stilwell

St. Matthias' Anglican Church

Alan Herbert

Member, United Church of Canada

Peter Greidanus

Christian Reformed Church

Rev. Prof. David J. Lull

United Methodist Church

Jessica Briggs

Living Water Church

Alan Collins

Christ Church Dartmouth Nova Scotia

Jennifer Blue

E Lee

Rev. Cynthia Fong

Cumberland Presbyterian Church 

Danai Zaire

Brendan Mieles

Hudson Church

Gustave Ineza 

Regis-St. Michael's College in the University of Toronto

Rev. Renee Roederer

Rev. Miriam Spies

The United Church of Canada 

Scott Schaeffer-Duffy

founding member of Saints Francis & Thérèse Catholic Worker, Worcester, MA

Wendy Cranston

Emmanuel College in The University of Toronto

Rev. Pamela Rayment

The Rev. Erin Jean Warde

Emily Theus

Yale University

Rev. Guesnerth Josué Perea

Metro Hope Church

Judson Bengt Bergman

Yale Divinity School

Rev. Kathleen Bellefeuille-Rice

Roman Catholic WomenPriests-USA

Rev. Dr. Diane S. Whalen

Rev. Camille Henderson-Edwards

Rev. Mary Grace Crowley-Koch

Roman Catholic 

P. Catherine McKinney

Princeton Theological Seminary

Aurora Lynelle Celestin

Union Theological Seminary

Rev. Dennis McDonald 

Mike Dagle

Cathedral Church of St. Paul, Detroit 

Rev. Jacqueline Daley

Rev. Joshua Huber 

Michael Soaries

Dr. Marilyn McEntyre

Western Theological Seminary; New College Berkeley

Katherine F. Guerrero

Yale University

Rev. Rachel Swenson

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

Rev. Joel Eaton, BCC

Dr. Biko Mandela Gray

Syracuse University 

Dr. Denise Nadeau

Ben Menghini


The Rev. Paul Anthony Daniels

Fordham University

The Rev. James Boline

St. Paul Lutheran Church, Santa Monica, CA

Minister Jay Drummond, Jr.

Rev. Adriene Thorne

The Riverside Church in the City of New York

Pastor Elle Dowd

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America 

Mary Grahame Hunter

Cathedral Church of St. Paul, Detroit

Nathan Samayo

Princeton Theological Seminary

Rev. Cynthia Lapp

Hyattsville Mennonite Church

Eugene Park

San Francisco Theological Seminary

Daniel Arroyo

Rev. Christina Paradela

The United Church of Canada

Rev. Esther D. Morales 

United Methodist Church 

Beth Carlson-Malena

Open Way Community Church, Vancouver BC

Lindsey Fox

Artisan Church, Vancouver, BC

Jean Bagga

Isabel Ngo

Leslie Stephens

Kelsey Lucido

Quest Church, Princeton Theological Seminary

Krystel Mumba

World Relief 

Mondain Sesay

Rev. Kathleen MW Hatlevig 

Presbyterian Church USA

Yarilynne Esther Regalado

Union Theological Seminary

Rev. Areeta Bridgemohan 


Malar Chandran

Maggie Dalzell

Quest Church, Seattle

Mivhael Huff

Dr. Charles Lindsey 

Loryn Wheeler 

Rev. Rebecca Littlejohn

Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

Rev. Matthew G. Zemanick

Mrs Jean Schmidt

Mount Baker Presbyterian 

Clint Schnekloth

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Fayetteville, AR

Bailey Bjolin

Open Way Church

Alan Chettle

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship of Canada


United Church of Christ 

Zenith Bose

Sam Zimmerman 

Randall Heyn-Lamb

Episcopal Peace Fellowship's Palestine Israel Network 

Dr. Ednie Kaeh Garrison

Raúl B Alegría


Rev. Keren Rodriguez 

Aloha United Methodist Church

Kelly Outen

Rev. Vanessa Cardinale

United Church of Christ

Rev. Janet Gollery McKeithen

The Church in Ocean Park

Dexter Bradshaw

Rev. Dr. Robin Poole Sessoms


Finn Keesmaat-Walsh

Anglican Church of Canada 

Logan Crews

Episcopal Church, Yale Divinity School

Rev. Kimberly Cooper


Rev. Rachel Reeder 

Rev. Dr. Janet Wolf

Rev. Suzanne Parker Miller


Dr. Amaryah Shaye Armstrong

Virginia Tech

Rev. Kristin W. Peters

Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

Rev. Dr. Philip Hobson

Salem United Church of Christ

Rev. Dr. Cindy Rasmussen

Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School

Rev. Molly Bidwell

The Episcopal Church

The Rev. Stephanie Kendell

Rev. Emily Goldthwaite

United Church of Christ

Rev. Clare Twomey

City of YorkHuman Relations Commission

Mary Frazier

Our Lady of Nazareth Roman Catholic Church

Anne E. Cauble

Brunswick United Methodist Church, Brunswick, ME

Rev. Sarah Gengler

Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

Dr. Linda L. Gaither

Episcopal Peace Fellowship Palestine Israel Network

Rev. Enno K. Limvere

First Congregational United Church of Christ 

Meghan Mast

Mennonite Central Committee

Ms. Kelly Park

Berkeley Divinity School at Yale

Alex Pickell

Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary

John Frazier

Rev. Shalom Agtarap

First United Methodist Church of Tacoma

Brittany Reimer 

Kristen Pursley

Conway United Methodist 

Jennifer Gorman 

Salford Mennonite Church 

Dr. Brian J. Walsh

Bible Remixed

Wing Yin Li

Princeton Theological Seminary

Rev. Bethany Benz-Whittington


Julie Amos 

Donna Ainsworth 

Kelly Casey

Commissioned Chaplain, Nativity Episcopal Church, Episcopal Diocese of MN

Jin Young Choi

Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School

The Rev. Carolyn Herold

St. Laurence Anglican Church (Canada)

Rachel Ternes

Middle Tennessee Christians for Justice in Palestine

Darren DeMelo

Estuary Church

Rev. Randy Hamm

Rev. Ric Shewell

United Methodist Church 

Margaret Fullerton

Brenda Hamilton

Irene Buttrey

Anglican, Canada

Rev. Canon Lloyd Casson

The Episcopal Church

Robert Dunn

Unite Church of Jaffrey

Courtney Thompson

Mikaela Bosch 

Dr. Mikayla Thatcher

Concordia University St. Paul

Nathan Thatcher

Saint Clement's Episcopal Church

Rev. Jeannette Love, RCWP

Roman Catholic Woman Priest

Rev. Rosa G. Manriquez, IHM

Roman Catholic

Rev. Dr. Heather McCance

Elizabeth Littlefield

United Church of Jaffrey

Krista Dutt

Rev. Marty Meyer-Gad

Roman Catholic Women Priests

Rev. Lindsey Krinks

Madeleine Lewis

Middle Tennessee Christians for Justice in Palestine 

Paula Stark

Commons Church 

Jennifer Smith

Frances Fitzgerald 

Vanderbilt Divinity School

Lynn Lewis

Lindsey Pacios

Emma Hjelle

Rev. Blair Trygstad Stowe

Boston University


Glencliff UMC 

C. P.

Rev. Gabriel Lopez

Iglesia Cristiana del Este de Whittier

Lisa G.

Follower of Jesus

Khurram Ishaq 

Rev. Mike Hammond

Vancouver Foursquare Church

The Rev. Beth Scriven

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Indianapolis

Rev. Leah Rumsey

Wendy Hammarstrom

La Jolla Friends Meeting

Rev. Jennifer Stephens

Nick De Los Reyes

The Rev. Eric Bond

Episcopal Church (USA)

Nancy Cook

Jacob A. Williams

Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago

Dr. Jennifer Maidrand 

UCC; Drew Theological School 

Mindy Summers 

Erin Isgett

Southeast Raleigh Table

Jana Johnson 

Fadya Larson 

Woodsedge Community Church 

Joelle Johnson

Maddie Layman

Tracie Moulton

Jennifer Creighton

Samantha Oneal

Nicole Dunham

Jordan Ashley Afsharnejad 

Abigail Owolabi

Cynthia McCloskey 


Ashleigh Thurmond

Michael Thurmond 

Josh Daly 

Roman Catholic Diocese of Providence 

Deb Walters

Molli Lutz

Willis Partington

St. Michael's Church

Alicia McCormick

The Church We Hope For

Sandy Lee Schaupp

The Church We Hope For

Rev. Stephen Berube

United Church of Canada/Canadian Friends of Sabeel Board Member

Elyse Gainor 

Michelle Lara

Amanda Samuel

Princeton Theological Seminary

Vivian Lewin, Lay Reader

Christ Church Cathedral Montreal

Barbara Thuringer 

William G Webster

St. Andrew's United Church, Halifax, NS

Lily Kennedy

Rev. Kenn Stright

Presbyterian Church in Canada

Dr. Marian Macken


Judah R. Lopez

Union Theological Seminary

Patricia Fong

Susan Walcott

The Riverside Church

Grace Van Harten

Dorchester United Church

Aimy Farag

Kylene Young

Covenant Presbyterian Church in Chicago

Rev. Dr. Amanda Llewellyn


Pastor John Schwiebert

Metanoia Peace Community United Methodist Church

Lisa Ellsmere

Pierre Lawrence

Rev. K. Amanda Meisenheimer

The Riverside Church

The Rev. Michelle Jones

St. James Caledon East

Rev. Melissa O’Keefe Reed

Oregon Synod, ELCA

David King

Riverside Church 

Zeenat Remtulla

Church of the Redeemer

Rev. Steve Berube

United Church of Canada/Board Member Canadian Friends of Sabeel

Bassem Farag

Rev. Chris Dela Cruz

Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

Amira El-Gawly

Joanna Hiebert Bergen

Chair - Mennonite Church Manitoba Palestine-Israel Network

Melita Rempel-Burkholder

Home Street Mennonite Church 

Jessica Ewert

Cosette Pathak

St. James Anglican Caledon East Ontario

Mark Flatman 


Rev. Dr. Kieren Williams

Beth M. Rademacher

St. Joan of Arc Catholic Community

Donna Smith

Pilisa Mackey

Kathryn Blanco 

baptized Catholic, practicing Episcopalian

Rachel Hale

Rev. Rob Crosby-Shearer, ec

The United Church of Canada and the AbbeyChurch / Emmaus Community

Sara Kwon

Rev. Katerina Gea

Pasadena Mennonite Church

Rev. Alissa Bender

Professor Mark Lewis Taylor

Princeton Theological Seminary

Eréndira Jiménez Esquinca

Spirit School

Rev. Dr. Robert O. Smith

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

Dr. Kathryn Poethig

Emerita, California State University Monterey Bay

The Rev. Dr. Wil Gafney 

Dayo Adeoye

Union Theological Seminary

Victoria Basug Slabinski

Rev. Jay Bergen

Germantown Mennonite Church

Dr. Hanna Reichel

Princeton Theological Seminary

Rev. Laurie A. D. Cornell

The Evangelical Covenant Church

Erna Kim Hackett

Liberated Together

Elliot Weidenaar

Union Theological Seminary

Dr. Robert H. Craig

Rev. Dr. Victoria Rue

Roman Catholic woman priest

Rev. Mary Alice Nolan

Roman Catholic WomenPriests-USA

Minister Alex Green

Talique R. Taylor

The Episcopal Church

Rev. Nancy Corran

Roman Catholic Women Priests and PC(USA)

Rev. Teresa A. M. Keogh

Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests

Rev. Richard F. Collman

The United Methodist Church

The Rev. Marcella Gillis

Christ the King Episcopal Church, Stone Ridge NY

Leslie Martinez

Union Theological Seminary 

Rev. Regina Clarke 

Rev. Gail Song Bantum

Quest Church

Rev. Angela Shannon 

The Reverend Michele H. Morgan

St. Marks Episcopal Capitol Hill DC

Karla Mendoza Arana

Union Theological Seminary 

Rev. Hannah Elyse Cornthwaite

Episcopal Church

Rev. Tony Hunt

The Episcopal Church

Rev. Tory K. Moir

Episcopal Church

The Reverend Dr. Meg Stapleton Smith

Yarilynne Esther Regalado

Union Theological Seminary

Rev. Dr. Jeremy L. Williams

Rev. Hannah Sachs

Rock Spring UCC

The Rev. Dr. Alison Hari Singh

St. Andrew by-the-Lake, Toronto 

Rev. Michelle Magee


Rev. Amy M. Roon

University Congregational UCC, Seattle

Phil Lewis

Patricia Leong

Disciples of Christ 

Christy Miller 

Sarah Abbott

Avigail Avilés 

Rev. Thelma Flowers

United Church of Christ 

Frank Scoffield Sánchez

Theologian (M.Div., Fuller Seminary, B.A., Wheaton College) 

The Rev. Dr. Lucas V. Lindon

Medina UCC, Congregational 

Paul Pynkoski


Dr. Jordan Baker

Ordination Candidate in the ELCA Lutheran Church/ Yale University M.Div. '26

Rev. Tiffany Ashworth 

Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

Karen Jensen 

University Presbyterian Church San Antonio 

Rev. Lucy Waechter Webb

Presbyterian Church (USA)

Camilla Raymond, OP

Rev. Laurel Dykstra

Mother Tracy Wells Miller

Episcopal Church

Kiegan Irish

Robert Shine


The Church We Hope For

Rev. Charmaine Evans

St. Stephens Anglican Church

Tora Klassen

Dorothy Carey

Church of Heavenly Rest

The Rev. Hillary Kimsey

Episcopal Diocese of Olympia

Dr. Caroline Schleier Cutler

Gail Irish

Julia Eckberg

Edmonds United Methodist Church


Rev. Laura Ann Phillips

Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

Carol Johnson 

Estuary Church 

Laurel Kracen

Julia Schumacher

Angie Paek Te

New City Church LA, Fuller Theological Seminary

Carissa Groot-Nibbelink

Hillside Church

Kathleen Pollack

E. Lyons

Saige Hassler

Rev. Linda Butler

Reverend Elizabeth Robinson

Orinda Community Church

The Rt. Rev. George D Young III

The Episcopal Church

Rev. Kirsten Sauey Hofmann

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

Lisa King Muthiah

Claire Weihe

Yale Divinity School 

Dr. Eric Schnitger

Pasadena Mennonite Church

Rev. Jonathan Timothy Stoner, MDiv, BCC

All Saints Episcopal Church (Pasadena, CA)

Wesley Moncrief

Iliff School of Theology

Rev. Erica Saunders

BPFNA~Bautistas por la Paz

Rev. Ellen Green

The United Church of Christ

Minister McMahon

University of Minnesota 

Indhira Udofia, MDiv, MSW, STM

University of North Carolina at Greensboro 

Rev. Hannah Adair Bonner

Campus Christian Center at UofArizona

Rev. Craig Wiley

Presbyterian Church (USA)

Hannah Curtis

Janet Lee

Greta Wikkerink 

Grandview Church, Vancouver BC Canada 

Lars Åkerso

Karla Kent

Emmanuel Baptist Church

Kristin Anna MacQueen 

Royal City Mission / Emmanuel College (TST)

Nicole Fauteux

Patricia Ovington 

Chaplain Sarah Levy

United Church of Christ

Meredith Wilkinson 

Farm Church, PCUSA 

Lorraine Lam

Laur Kelly

3 Jewels Recovery 

The Rev. Kimberly Reinholz

Chaplain Sorrel Virginia Hester 

Macalester College 

Marie Raynard

Ms. Kimberly Redigan

Pax Christi Michigan State Council

Rev. Dora Arce/Valentín 

Garrett Ashlock

University of Chicago Divinity School and St. Mary’s Byzantine Church

Brianne Ede

Dr. Andrew Krinks

Vanderbilt University Divinity School

Dr. Sylvia Keesmaat

Bible Remixed/Church of the Redeemer Anglican Church, Toronto

karen lull

United Methodist Church

Deacon Adina Meyer

Living Water Inclusive Catholic Community

Rev. Dr. Joanna Truelson 

Roman Catholic Women Priest

Dr. Tracy Russell

Rev. Larry C. Clark, Ph.D.

United Methodist

Kathleen Kukowski

Our Lady of Lake Seattle, WA

Dr. Renny Golden

Professor Emerita

Courtney Rutzer

Fr. Charles Wilson

Episcopal Church

Rev. Erin J. Beall

United Methodist Church and Brite Divinity School

Jill Heine - MA in Restorative Justice

Community Restorative Facilitator

Rev. Suzanne Dunn

Catholic Church of the Beatitudes

Maria Eitz RCWP.

Howard Kim

Rev. Dr. Deborah Dean-Ware

Church of the Good Shepherd, UCC

Rhonda McCarty 

Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary 

The Rev. Kristen Dobyns

Anglican Church of Canada

Bill Way 

RCWP Canada 

Rev. Joanna Lawrence Shenk

First Mennonite Church of San Francisco

Dr. Jessica Johnson

Sherri H Sawyer

Eastern Star Church - Indianapolis, IN

Beryl Moore

First United Methodist Church of Upland , CA


Ms. Teresa Wilson


Rachel Watrous 

Ben Bouwman

Walnut Hill Mennonite Church

Jane Patton

Ray Ann Hommeyer 

St. Francis Cabrini, St. Paul MN

Rev. Brenda J.R. Goodman

Trudy McIntosh

Karen Thiesse 

Rev. Laura Cannata

Corbin Duncan

Rachel Dodd

Deidre Potter

Brite Divinity School

Stephanie Radcliffe

Laura Ramirez

Rev. Cody Natland

Ellensburg United Methodist Church

Lisa Dawson 

Emily Ricketson

Elizabeth Gross

Roman Catholic

Christine Smalley

Christ Church Cathedral, Indianapolis

Marianne Khattar

Fr. Paul Geraghty

Catholic Preist

Carol Woodsong


Chloey H.

AJ Wright

Gabriel Snider

Ave Petra

Blessed Diego de San Vitores Church

Heidi Pollard-Hermann

First Congregation United Church of Christ Hillsboro, OR

Joanne Thiessen

Russell Copley

United Church of Canada

Alex Bailey

Joyce Wong

Chaplain Pamela Yvette Cook

Sojourner Truth Community 

Rev. Anne Hoganson

The United Church of Canada

Nicola Patton

The Church We Hope For 

Cynthia Neubecker

St. John's Lutheran Church 

Jason Kelly

Rev. Dr. Jenny Whitcher

Juniper Formation UCC

Beth McGee

St. Anderew's United Church

Teresa Nowatzki

John Frazier

Roman Catholic

Christian Silva 

Princeton Theological Seminary 

Amy Marmol

Dr. Linda L. Gaither

Episcopal Peace Fellowship - Palestine Israel Network

Eden Cope

Rev. Adam Hange

First Congregational United Church of Christ of Hillsboro, Oregon

Joel Burkholder

Joel Burkholder

E. A. Enns

Flo Cook

Anglican, parishioner Church of St. Aidan, Toronto, ON

Esther Epp-Tiessen

Rev. Awit Marcelino

St. Thomas Christian Church, St. Thomas, ON

Susannah Crook

Rev. Mira Sawlani-Joyner

The Riverside Church, NYC

Dan Crook

Rev. Jonathan Davis

ELCA Pastor

Rebecca Fadil

Episcopal Peace Fellowship 

Dr. Doug Thorpe

Saint Mark's Cathedral Seattle

Randolph W. Urmston

St. Mark's Episcopal Cathedral

Mrs. Mathilde Colley

St. Johns Anglican Church, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

SueAnn Shiah

Princeton Theological Seminary

Ruth McRee Schultz

The Episcopal Church

Jan Evans 

Rev. Karen Martens Zimmerly 

First Mennonite Church of Iowa City

Alexander S. Lee

PhD Student, Fuller Theological Seminary

Ralph Colley 

Anglican Church of Canada

Reverend Christine Fahrenbach, RCWO

Roman Catholic WomenPriests

Helen Rempel

Mennonite Church Canada

Susan Harrison 

Christina Krewson

Heart and Soul Community Church, Rochester

L. Dodington

The Riverside Church in New York City

Ernie Wiens

Ernie Wiens

Rev. Dr. Josh Wallace

Mennonite Church Saskatchewan & Backyard Church

Rob Muthiah

Pasadena Mennonite Church

Leslea Smith

First Congregational UCC Hillsboro

Connie Zolotar

Rivierside United Church, London, ON, United Church of Canada